fredag 22 oktober 2010

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker –Beginners Guide

At the beginning of a free poker game, players need to share a deck of 52 cards. The dealer that has no right to participate in the game. Tickets should not be visible to other players, except the one which assigned the tickets. Bids are made before the sharing of cards, and it is necessary that the two players left of the dealer put the money in the pot. Each player receives seven cards that can be combined. Five cards are visible to others, and they are put on the table, and two cards, (hole cards), the player retains for himself.
Party Hold’em poker consists of stages that play one after another.

1. Pre-flop
The essential prop Hold’em poker has is a button, which means the shares in a given round. (In online poker, of course, he does not share.) Before you share the player left of the dealer needs to invest the required deposit by the name of the small blind, the player to his left has the big blind. Then the dealer gives everyone two cards that other players do not see. Then, the first auction follows. The player to the big blind starts and its features include the following:
* Pitch their cards, not playing more in the party, (FOLD).
* Keep your bid. It means investing a sum that corresponds to the amount of big blind, (CALL).
* Raises stake. According to the rules it limits a (at No Limit, NL variations, which is the most popular no such restrictions).

2. Flop
When everyone is finished, there are three cards the dealer shared with the table, (FLOP), that each player can see. After, a player as small blind and the auction starts. Its features are as follows:
* Check (CHECK), do not raise your bid, but remain in the game, (is possible only when no one raised the bid before it, in the case of small blind, and it does not because he was the first),
* Raises bid (BET), the rules limit a game, after that no more check, and those who have previously played verification must pay the amount of both to continue the game or throw their cards, (FOLD). If you have already paid a sum, you have the following choices:
* Keep your bid (CALL)
* Raises (Raise)
*Pitch cards (FOLD)

3. Turn
After, the auction dealer puts the fourth card on the table, (TURN). Again, begins to circle above the auction rules.

4. River
After the auction follows the fifth, the final card (river), followed by the last round of bidding.

5. Showdown
Then, follows a moment of truth, to be a bit theatrical. A player who last raised the bid shows the first ticket (if there is no lift, then the one that first supported the primary role.) If the map is weaker than already shown, is not required to show (MUCK). The one player has given the strongest cards. In case of tie bids the pot is shared. If at any time during the game, no support POT bid gets the player who last raised the bid, regardless of what cards have (should not show them).

Before the next round of sharing the role of dealer takes the player to the left of the previous one. So in each round of the second player in the role of the dealer, and others invest the blind.