fredag 31 juli 2009

Law on TV

Ever since I can remember I have always loved the TV-shows about law firms and the life of an attorney. I remember the first one that was called Ally McBeal, and I am sure that many of you have seen it.
We probably all remember it as a funny, exciting and a bit crazy show, where every episode is even crazier than the other. The lawyers use strange tricks to convince the jury that they are the winning part. One lawyer is called the biscuit and has his own relaxing area behind the public toilets, and another one is having hallucinations that include a dancing baby and a singing Barry White.

In other words, this TV-show makes you believe that being a lawyer is like working in a kindergarten. Everything can happen. At least this is what I believed until I saw another TV-show called “The lawyers”. This was a totally different one that showed us how tough it can be to work as a lawyer. Suddenly the conception of legal aid, crime and sentence become important. Even if you have been studying law at one of the best schools, it doesn’t necessary make the job easier. I would rather say the opposite considering the dilemmas they daily face in the show, which by the way is based on real events.

So even if you are thinking of studying law, or want to be a lawyer, you should probably think it through very carefully before making a decision. It might not be as funny as it seems on Ally McBeal. Being a lawyer is definitely not a piece of cake, and it is a job that always needs to be taking seriously.